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Support & Advocacy for Kids With Cancer

Description: http://www.bechildcanceraware.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/boc_logo_tagline.gif

Beads of Courage

  • One of a kind glass beads are hand crafted for children with serious illness
  • Each bead acknowledges a specific step of the child's treatment path (i.e. a red bead represents a blood transfusion)
  • The colorful beads are meaningful symbols of courage and milestones achieved during treatment
  • Every bead tells a story of strength and hope
  • Beads of Courage provide all hospitals the necessary program materials, training and support to implement the program

Description: http://www.cakesagainstcancerforkids.org/img/CAC-Web-Logo.png 

Cakes Against Cancer For Kids

  • This site provides children going through treatments a "designer" cake for their birthday or special occasion
  • Volunteers called Gold Ribbon Bakers make the cakes for Gold Ribbon Warriors
Logo 1 Cancer Connect/Cancer Camp Directory
  • A directory of camps can be searched according to state, type of cancer, and type of camp (for kids, adults, siblings, or family).
  • CancerCamp.net also features a blog, articles, upcoming events, and success stories of campers’ experiences.
Logo 2 Chemo Angels
  • Chemo Angels connects individuals who are receiving chemo with a Chemo Angel and a Card Angel.
  • Angels send weekly notes and occasional small gifts for ongoing support, encouragement, and cheer.
  • Angels are carefully screened and fully committed and dedicated to honoring the Angel mission.

logo 23

Chemo Cozy

  • Chemo Cozy is a clothing company designed for patients undergoing chemotherapy and most cancer related infusions treatments
  • The clothing provides patients with a Port or PICC with zippered openings to access infusion site without the need to disrobe

Description: The Chemo Lounge

Chemo Lounge

  • Stories, blogs, games, books, and activity links help entertain and inform while waiting for appointments, during treatments, or at any time one chooses
logo3 Children’s Oncology Camping Association - International
  • An association that represents over 65 camps dedicated to serving children with cancer and their families.
  • Member camps can be found on this site.
logo4 Famous Fone Friends
  • Famous Fone Friends connects entertainers and athletes with seriously ill children by phone calls. 
  • Children can be referred through a hospital. 
  • Requests can be submitted or via phone or email. 
  • Information for making a referral is available on the website. 
  • Personal interests and/or requests are considered in the referral process.
logo5 Flashes of Hope
  • Flashes of Hope is dedicated to photographing children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.
  • Professional, volunteer, award-winning photographers donate their time and talents to capturing children individually as well as with their families. Supporters such as favorite nurses and cherished stuffed animals may be in the portraits as well.
  • Each family is given framed enlargements, proofs, and a CD of the portraits so that additional prints can be made.
  • All services, prints, and CDs are free of charge.
  • Flashes of Hope is partnered with hospitals throughout the country. 
  • Photography shoots are coordinated by local chapters of Flashes of Hope and affiliated hospitals.
logo6 Friends of Jaclyn
  • “Live in the moment…Play in the moment”
  • Children with brain tumors are connected with, and then officially adopted by, local high school or college sports teams. 
  • The children become part of a team that offers support, love, friendship, and much more.
logo7 Hope for Henry Foundation
  • Hope For Henry Foundation provides gifts for both children battling life-threatening illnesses and their siblings
  • Hope For Henry Foundation organizes festive events such as Halloween Parties, Superhero Celebrations, carnivals, and birthday parties for children who are hospitalized.
  • Hope For Henry Foundation works with pediatric hospitals to provide programs and gifts that will help create positive experiences for children in the oncology and hematology wards.
logo8 Icing Smiles
  • Icing Smiles provides custom celebration cakes and treats for children with a life-threatening condition.
  • Siblings of angels who, within 2 years have earned their wings, can also receive Icing Smiles cakes.
  • The child's eligibility must be verified via a blog, Facebook page, care page, etc.
  • Once eligibility is determined, the parents are contacted by email.
  • There are tiered 3D carved cakes (dream cakes) and other cakes (fun cakes) used for different events.
  • The family can choose the theme, the baker chooses the design.
  • Cakes provide up to 40 servings.
logo9 Imerman Angels
  • Imerman Angels partners individuals fighting and surviving cancer with “Mentor Angels” (other survivors and caregivers who fought and survived the same cancer).  Caregivers are also matched with other caregivers and survivors.
  • On February 21, 2011, Imerman Angels announced an official partnership with the Livestrong Foundation.  Imerman Angels now fulfills Livestrong’s mission of providing one-to-one support for anyone touched by cancer.
  • This service is free for anyone touched by any  type of cancer, at any stage, at any age, and living anywhere in the world.

Description: Kids Kicking Cancer

Kids Kicking Cancer

  • Kids Kicking Cancer helps children with cancer manage their stress and pain through personalized programs
  • Mind-body techniques of Martial Arts instruction, breath work, and meditation are taught to empower children beyond their pain
  • One on one training and group classes are offered for both pediatric inpatients and outpatients
  • Transportation is provided as needed
  • Sibling support programs are offered
logo10 Kisses for Kyle
  • Kisses for Kyle provides financial assistance and supportive services to children fighting cancer and their families in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.
  • Kisses for Kyle fulfills wish lists year-round and during the holiday seasons with the help of generous supporters. 
  • Requests for assistance are usually coordinated the family’s hospital-based social worker.  
  • Kisses for Kyle organizes activities, special events, parties, and celebrations such as the successful completion of treatment for children and families.
  • Kisses for Kyle is partnered with many businesses and organizations to help support families in various ways (such as providing free services, use of facilities, admission to special events, etc.)
  • Kisses for Kyle hosts fundraising activities and events for all ages throughout the year. 

Description: Make a Wish

Make-a-Wish America®

  • Children between the ages 2.5-18 with life threatening medical conditions are granted opportunities to fulfill their most desired experience
  • Each wish granted is personalized and can give the child courage to "stick with the (medical) program"

Description: http://www233.pair.com/uar/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/medals4mettle.jpg


  • Medals earned by runners in marathons and other races are donated to those battling serious illness
  • The medals celebrate the courage and desire to reward and support each other's challenges
logo11 A Monkey In My Chair
  • A Monkey In My Chair is designed for pediatric cancer patients (preschool through grade 6) who are unable to attend school due to their diagnosis.
  • A large stuffed monkey, complete with a backpack (aka "the kit") takes the child's seat in school.
  • The backpack includes a book for the teacher to help explain the situation to the class as well as how the situation affects the classmates.
  • The book has a companion guide for the teacher.
  • The kit has other items that can be used by both the child and the classmates.
  • There is an online Monkey Message that has educational activities that encourage interaction between the child and the class to help maintain connection.
  • Monkey Message is an avenue for sharing pictures, documents, and words of encouragement.
  • Donations not only support the program, but also fund research for finding cures for cancer.
logo12 Musicians On Call
  • Musicians On Call provides live and recorded music bedside to hospitalized children and adults.
  • Musicians On Call also provides “CD Pharmacies” to hospitals.  “CD Pharmacies” are CD libraries with accompanying CD players that are available to patients in the hospital.
logo13 Songs of Love
  • Songs of Love creates personalized songs for children dealing with difficult medical, physical, or emotional challenges. 
  • The lyrics include the child’s name and references to special people, pets, interests, and activities.
  • The language and the musical genre of the song can be specified.
  • Request forms are available on the website and can be submitted via email, fax, or mail.
  • The CDs are professionally produced and free of charge.
logo14 The Starlight Foundation
  • The Starlight Foundation offers a comprehensive list of supportive programs and resources for seriously ill children who are receiving care in a hospital or on an out-patient basis. 
  • Some of the Starlight’s programs include: family activities and outings; in-hospital entertainment technology; in-hospital playrooms, kid-friendly treatment rooms, and special events; educational and interactive theme-based games, webisodes, and other multimedia resources; and social networking-online communities for teens and their siblings.
logo15 SuperSibs Powered by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
  • The goal of Super Sibs! is to "ensure that the siblings of children with cancer are honored, supported, and recognized so that they may face the future with strength, courage, and hope."
  • Super Sibs! features games, activities, educational materials, journaling activities, newsletters, and other resources that are specific to different age ranges.
  • Super Sibs! provides "Comfort and Care" packages, "Sibling STAR (Support, Training, Awareness, and Recognition) Kits," and other programs for siblings
  • Super Sibs! offers a variety of information to resources for parents and guardians, grandparents and other relatives, friends and neighbors, psychosocial and medical professionals, educators, and religious and spiritual leaders
Description: https://www.demandforced3.com/cp/image.jsp?bid=135001265&id=120861 Team IMPACT
  • IMPACT = Inspire Motivate and Play Against Challenges Together
  • Children between 5-15 with life threatening and chronic illness are matched ("drafted") onto a local college team
  • Draft Day may consist of signing ceremonies, press conferences, a team jersey, a locker in the locker room, and more
  • The child joins the team and the team supports the child
  • The child gains strength, camaraderie, and support
  • The athletes learn about courage, resiliency, and life perspective
  • Each relationship has a relationship manager to make sure each child's specific goals are met from Draft Day through Graduation
Description: http://cac2.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Final-Truth-365-Logo-Black-Horizontal.png The Truth 365
  • The Truth 365 is an award winning documentary film and social media campaign designed to advocate for, and help, children suffering from cancer
  • Social media is used to spread the word about the need for government and agencies to do more for childhood cancer research
  • The Truth 365 provides cancer statistics and facts that support the need for more funding.
  • The Truth 365 other advocacy groups that collectively lobby for more funding for research
  • The Truth 365 explains how individuals can join the fight and help make a difference

Note: Many videos featuring relaxation strategies can be found on YouTube for additional reference.  Also, you can find apps for meditation, relaxation, and stress relief via the App Store and Google Play.

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Communication With Your Community

Description: CareCalendar.org

Care Calendar

  • CareCalendar allows individuals to set up a community calendar so that family members and friends can provide meals and fulfill requests for assistance with errands, transportation, and other needs.
  • Details such as food sensitivities, diet restrictions, how many people will be eating, etc. can be specified.
  • The CareCalendar is color-coded to identify open needs, filled needs, and other information such as birthdays and important occasions.
  • CareCalendar sends out emails notifications to remind friends and family members of upcoming commitments and unfilled needs for the day.
  • The contact information for both the recipient and the care coordinator as well as maps and directions are available on the CareCalendar.
  • Individuals can use CareCalendar to keep family and friends updated, share photographs, and receive messages of encouragement and support.
  • CareCalendar features links to gift registries at major retailers.
  • Friends and family members can send greeting cards and gift cards for various stores and restaurants through the online CareCalendar Gift Shop.
  • Articles, books, and information related to health, wellness, and caregiving are posted on the CareCalendar.

Description: CareFlash Communities when it matters most


  • Individuals can create a personalized CareCommunity to keep family and friends updated, share photographs, and receive messages of encouragement and support.
  • CareFlash offers a library of 3D animations for understanding conditions, diseases, and changes related to health and wellness.
  • CareFlash features an iHelp calendar to help coordinate meal deliveries, transportation, errands, and other scheduling needs.
  • CareFlash hosts discussion forums relating to different health-related topics.

Description: CarePages


  • Individuals can create a personalized CarePage to keep family and friends updated, share photographs, and receive messages of encouragement and support.
  • Carepages hosts discussion forums relating to different health-related topics.
  • Carepages offers articles, tips, stories of inspiration, and other educational resources about health, wellness, and caregiving.

Description: CaringBridge.org


  • CaringBridge features a personalized journal, guestbook, and photo gallery to help individuals stay connected to family and friends.
  • Offers an interactive calendar so that needs may be requested and fulfilled.

Description: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/644923989/drPJwbuc.logo_400x400.png

Know Cancer

  • Individuals can create a personalized Know Cancer Community to keep family and friends updated, share photographs, and receive messages of encouragement and support.
  • Individuals can also read about other members in the community, consult oncology experts, and find out the latest information about prevention, fighting, and surviving cancer.
  • Know Cancer features a Cancer Resource Directory, an extensive directory for finding anything from Cancer Camps and Retreats to Wellness and Nutrition.
  • Know Cancer offers education about types of cancer, symptoms, stages, treatments and therapies, and more.
  • Know Cancer hosts discussion forums relating to different cancer-related topics.

Description: http://www.uaupc.org/wp-content/uploads/Lotsa-Helping-Hands.jpg

Lotsa Helping Hands

  • Lotsa Helping Hands is a virtual community that allows members to share information, coordinate care and assistance, access resources, as well as view photo and documents.  Confidential information such as medical and legal records can also be shared among designated family members and friends
  • Volunteers can fulfill needs such as meal deliveries, transportation, and babysitting through an interactive color-coded calendar.  Details of each task are specified. 
  • Reminders are automatically generated so that volunteers are notified of upcoming commitments.
  • Additional customized sections such as bulletin boards, memory books, and recipes can also be created. 
  • Lotsa Helping Hands is partnered with several non-profit organizations.

Description: http://babyli.st/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/img_header.jpg


  • mealbaby allows users three ways to participate:  1) Provide meals for someone in need;  2) Purchase a restaurant gift card in lieu of a home-made meal;  3) Make a donation to Feed the Children, a non-profit organization that supports children and families in need of food.
  • Food preferences, allergies, and the number of people (children and adults) eating that meal are also detailed on the calendar.
  • Calendars are color-coded to indicate needs, open needs, filled needs, and commitments to fulfilling needs.
  • Contact information, maps, and directions are also embedded in the site. 

Description: meal Train - Meal Calendar for New Mothers, Surgery, Illness, and More

meal train

  • A meal delivery schedule (“meal train”) is designed using specifications such as the named organizer, recipient, occasion, drop off information, special instructions, number of people eating, food preferences, allergies, and diet restrictions.

Description: https://www.runningguru.com/data/images/header/Header_1424.jpg


  • Individuals can create a personalized MyLifeLine website to keep family and friends updated, post words of inspiration and “medicinal laughter,” share photographs, and receive messages of encouragement and support.
  • MyLifeLine features a “Helping Calendar.”  Activities, schedules, and requests for help can be posted so that family members and friends can offer assistance.
  • MyLifeline provides cancer-related resources for cancer patients, caregivers, family, and friends.

Description: Take Them A Meal

take them a meal

  • take them a meal is an interactive website that coordinates meal deliveries.
  • Food preferences, allergies, etc. can be shared that meals are tailored to these specifications.
  • The sign up includes name, date, phone number, and details of meal being delivered.
  • Take them a meal sends automatic reminders.
  • There are also links to recipes, a blog, and restaurants that deliver to the area in which meals are requested. 
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Arts, Crafts, Activities & Games

Description: http://www.123child.com/menu/blues/logo.gif

The Activity Idea Place

  • This site is intended for Early Education Professionals, but is extremely practical and functional for anyone.
  • The site features over 3,400 simple, fun, and creative activities.
  • The activities are organized by themes (such as animals, seasonal/holidays, colors, etc.).
  • Each theme offers a variety of arts and crafts projects; games, math, and science activities; related songs; and book recommendations.
Description: http://kellysluckyyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/disneyfamily-logo.png Disney Family
  • Disney Family offers thousands of Disney inspired craft activities that vary by age, level of difficulty, occasion, and length of time required.
  • You may need to plan ahead with some of these projects and purchase the required materials in advance.
  • Disney Family also features great online games for both children and adults as well as printable worksheets, games, mazes, and activities.

Description: DLTK's Crafts for Kids

DLTK's Crafts for Kids

  • This site features thousands of crafts organized by themes and needed supplies.
  • In addition to craft projects, the site offers theme based and/or personalized activities, calendars, bookmarks, award certificates, poems, songs, recipes, coloring pages, banners, free clip art, printable worksheets, and more.
  • The site also links to other sites for additional educational, informational, and theme-based resources, materials, activities, and crafts.

Description: http://www.shescribes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Elmers_logo.jpg


  • Although this is a commercial site, many of the craft projects are simple and fun.
  • Craft projects can be found in a short 5 category index (“every day, seasons, special occasions, subject area, and rainy days”).
  • Each activity is organized like a recipe card and indicates skill level, time needed, age(s), supplies needed, and occasions/events that it may used for.
  • The site offers a search (and advanced search) engine that can find activities based on these criteria.

Description: http://www.goodsitesforkids.org/images/Enchanted%20Learning%20logo.jpg

Enchanted Learning

  • This site offers hundreds of craft activities that can be found in different indexes.
  • The indexes are organized alphabetically, by themes, by materials such as drinking straws, balloons, and paper plates, and by holidays that also include additional information and worksheets.
  • Pictures are used to identify categories and provide a visual model for each project.
Description: Kids Kids Learn Out Loud.com
  • Thousands of educational audio books, MP3s, downloads, podcasts, videos and others resources are available through Kids Learn Out Loud.com.


Kids R Crafty

  • Only a few crafts are listed, but they are very simple and fun.
  • The crafts require very basic materials that may be easily accessible.

Description: Mad:)Takes - free online Mad Libs™TM

Mad Glibs

  • Fill in the blanks to create silly stories (similar to MadLibsTM).
  • There are one hundred eighty-eight story titles from which to choose

Description: http://en.origami-club.com/image/top.gif

Origami Club

  • Origami projects are organized by categories.
  • The projects are rated according to level of difficulty (very easy to very difficult).
  • Directions are given in two formats:  diagram and animation.


Origami Instructions

  • This site provides easy-to-follow instructions for paper-folding activities

Description: http://johnfwagner.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/stitcher1.jpg


  • Over 25,000 radio shows, live radio stations and podcasts are available on demand via website or Stitcher app.

Description: Wacky Web Tales®

Wacky Web Tales®

  • Fill in the blanks to create silly stories (similar to MadLibsTM).
  • This link is recommended for children in 3rd grade or older. 
  • Younger kids can enjoy this site too, with the help of an adult.
  • Fill in the blank spaces.  Your words will then be incorporated into a "Wacky Web Tale." 
  • There are about one hundred story titles from which to choose.
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Cancer-related Games

Description: http://www.kintera.org/atf/cf/%7B56360A76-961F-4F75-858A-280CED494E7E%7D/BensGame.gif

Ben’s Game via Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • Ben’s Game was created by Ben Duskin, a young leukemia survivor, with assistance from video game designer, Eric Johnston, and support from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Ben’s Game is available for free via download.
  • Players (or “Heros”) must battle mutating cells and monsters with an arsenal of weapons in order to collect the seven shields that protect against some of the side effects of cancer.
  • The hero’s power base is supported with “health, “ammo,” and “attitude.”
  • Every hero is a winner!


The Cancer Game

  • A simple but fun game in which a T-cell battles cancer cells through five levels. 

Description: Re-Mission 2

Re-mission 2 by HopeLab

  • The game is rated “T” for teens.
  • The game is free.  The app can either be downloaded through the AppStore or google play.  It can also be downloaded from the website.
  • In this incredibly graphic and intense game, the player assumes the role of “Roxxi,” a Nanobot, who fights malignant cancer cells in young patients with different kinds of cancer.
  • The development of this game was a collaborative effort between scientific and medical consultants and video game designers and animators.
  • Re-Mission was designed to help empower children fighting cancer. 
  • HopeLab researchers studied the effects of playing Re-Mission and positive results were found.
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Strategies for Stress/Pain Management

Description: How To Cope With Pain

How To Cope With Pain

  • Although this website is about pain management, it also offers information, instructions, and scripts for breathing exercises, relaxation, and guided imagery.
  • Additional information and resources relating to pain management are available.
  • Information is very easy to find on this simple and straightforward site.

Description: http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t158/c781/Inner-Health-Studio-web-log.jpg

Inner Health Studio

  • The Inner Health Studio website is very easy to navigate.
  • Inner Health Studio features detailed information about stress, anxiety, anger, and types of relaxation.
  • Inner Health Studio provides exercises and strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and anger.
  • Inner Health Studio offers several scripts for relaxation.  The scripts use various strategies such as guided imagery, guided mediation, and deep breathing for achieving different kinds of relaxation.
  • Relaxation For Children” and “Breathing Relaxation For Children” scripts are also available.
  • Text, audio, video downloads and podcasts are available.  Some are free and others can be purchased.
  • You can sign up to be a member for additional benefits.  Membership is free.
  • The Inner Health Studio also has some relaxation videos posted on www.youtube.com.

Description: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRcKKRGpTA1ggd7mdSIzs2Nb-JGCiLhwEuLyz4PnKKlu5ibFR-k

Kansas State University

  • This link offers an easy to follow guided imagery script for relaxation.
  • The script is available in both text and audio.
  • This script can be used by children, teens, and adults.

Description: suicide, suicidal, schizophrenia

Mental Health Today

  • The “Magic Carpet Exercise” uses guided imagery to creative positive thinking, peacefulness, and relaxation.

Description: http://www.pent.ca.gov/images/logohome.jpg

The Positive Environments, Network of Trainors 

  • An easy-to-read script using guided imagery to achieve progressive relaxation.
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Glossaries for Easier Understanding

Description: cancerkids.com


  • Click on " what is cancer" then click on "glossary"
  • Suitable for preschoolers and young children
  • Phonetic pronunciations
  • Defines basic terms in simple language

Description: http://www.curesearch.org/images/popup_header.jpg

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

  • Suitable for teens and adults
  • Defines cancer terms, procedures, and apparatuses
  • Gives phonetic pronunciations

Description: Medicine OnLine

Medicine Online

  • Suitable for teens and adults
  • Defines cancer terms, procedures, and apparatuses
  • Extensive listing of cancer-related terms

Description: http://fosteringsuccessmichigan.com/uploads/cache/assets/img/watermark_400_200_uploadscacheuploadsnetworkth_400_156_90.JPG_0_0_100_c_c_0_0_s_c1.png

TeensHealth from Nemours

  • Suitable for teens and adults
  • Defines cancer terms, procedures, and apparatuses

Description: http://mattsengbusch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/TLC-branding-1.jpg

Teens Living With Cancer

  • Suitable for children and teens
  • Defines cancer terms, procedures, and apparatuses
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