Strategies for Relaxation and Guided Imagery

Stress and anxiety are often associated with illness. These websites provide methods for relaxation, pain management, and stress reduction.


  • This site is very easy to navigate.
  • This site features detailed information about stress, anxiety, anger, and types of relaxation.
  • This site provides exercises and strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and anger.
  • This site offers several scripts for relaxation.  The scripts use various strategies such as guided imagery, guided mediation, and deep breathing for achieving different kinds of relaxation.
  • Relaxation For Children” and “Breathing Relaxation For Children” scripts are also available.
  • Text, audio, video downloads and podcasts are available.  Some are free and others can be purchased.
  • You can sign up to be a member for additional benefits.  Membership is free.
  • The Inner Health Studio also has some relaxation videos posted on www.youtube.com .


  • Although this website is about pain management, it also offers information, instructions, and scripts for breathing exercises, relaxation, and guided imagery.
  • Additional information and resources relating to pain management are available.
  • Information is very easy to find on this simple and straightforward site.


  • An easy-to-read script using guided imagery to achieve progressive relaxation.


  • The “Magic Carpet Exercise” uses guided imagery to creative positive thinking, peacefulness, and relaxation.


  • This link offers an easy to follow guided imagery script for relaxation.
  • The script is available in both text and audio.
  • This script can be used by children, teens, and adults.

Many videos featuring relaxation strategies can be found on YouTube for additional reference. 


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